Friday, July 6, 2007

Some old stuff

Since I have't been posting in a while, i suppose I can put up some more old stuff just to fill in the space. Been pretty lazy to scan anything new, but once I do I'll be sure to post something up! Just watched Transformers yesterday and it was AWESOME!! My favorite is BubbleBee, hehe "BEE-OTCH!" hahaha! Going to work on my own Transformer for the Creation Engines blog... an AutoBot of course, maybe something cute? Or should I stick with the cool? Stay tuned! :)

1 comment:

Anthony said...

What can I say? You're imaginative, talented and your work is tremendous. This was a no brainer when it came to a Surfer's Paradise link. I hope it serves you well.

There's one reference I have for you in terms of a link exchange if you're interested in such things. Other than my interest in linking, I mean. :o)