Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Last Satyr Update for now

Here is the final product for now:

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Satyr Update 3

It's cleaned up now with some revisions. Still a few small things I need to work on.. but eh.. later.....

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Satyr Update 2

Revising and adding more stuff. It's almost to clean-up time! Gotta fix the tail first though.

Any comments or critiques are appreciated! Hurry while it's still rough! Lol jp :P

Friday, January 25, 2008

Satyr Update

Still in the Animation Lab, but here's the progress so far:

Got to make clearer shapes, add volumes, then more clean up, then detail. :) Ok back to animating!

Looped Cycle

Ok so here is is :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Needs to Loop

I just realized that the animation doesn't loop and I don't have Quick Time PRO (which cuts and pastes frames). I'll go to school to cut and paste it about 5 times so it'll be able to cycle and repost it. But for now... umm just keep clicking the Play button! Hehehe :P

Finally some animation!

So Art 114 (Animation) started today. It was a really fun first day taking Prof. David Chai again it brought back Art 28 memories back; being reunited with my fellow 28 peers and friends combined is super cool.

So the first assignment is a walk cycle: no rules, whatever you want to do test. I came up with a Satyr skipping while playing the pan-pipes. I got a super-rough pass in so far.

There's lots to work on: He falls too slow and somethings really iffy with the feet when landing... hmm... Well once I get the motion in right I'll start adding more stuff... his ears, cape, pan-pipes etc.

Stay tuned for more animation updating! :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Super-Long "Catch-Up" Post!

Hello! It's been a while since I posted... in fact I haven't posted a single thing since school ended! Oh my! Well I finally scanned a bunch of pages from my sketchbook to post them... something I've been putting off all this time!
There's a lot more I need to scan especially some animal sketches but my Photoshop is crapping out and is starting to get annoying. So I will post them when I can!
These are not necessarily in chronological order, but I'll try to put them together by the day at least and try to put the most recent first.

Jan, Chris M., Andrea, Chris P., Priscilla, and I went to the Valley Fair food court to sketch.

Chris P. told me and my friends about Sketch Crawl so Chris P., Andrea, Januel, and I went to it on Sat. It was really fun and I can't wait for the next one! Met a lot of new people and just seeing everyone sketch was very exciting!

1 hour master study of a John Singer Sargent painting.

Paul N., Jake, Priscilla, Carly-Ann, Ottman, Tuan, Miles, and gosh who else was there?? lol, I went to SF to sketch! I had so much fun :).

1 hour master study of a NC Wyeth painting.

This was one of my presents to Januel on Christmas. :) The rest was PaperDreams book, Harry Potter 5 dvd, and a Harry Potter beanie. I got my very cute and thoughtful presents from Jan as well! What a sweetie.. hehe..

1 hour master study of a NC Wyeth painting.

Jan, Andrea, and I went to the Cocola Cafe in Santana Row one day to sketch...

These chairs are from Cocola Cafe as well, but I sketched this in SF.

A girl with a cool outfit holding an Urban Outfitters bag.

1 hour master study of a NC Wyeth painting.

Jan and I watched Walk Hard and Sweeny Todd here in Stockton.

Priscilla and I drew at Valley Fair one day.

This is my friend Fred.

Couple of people in Barnes and Nobles.

Phew I need to update my blog more regularly so the posts won't end up this long! Anyways, school starts tomorrow! Stay tuned for some more sketchbook scans when my Photoshop stops crapping out and possibly some Animation tests from class! Yipppeee! :D