Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Space Cowboy is done! :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Progress of Space Cowboy and other stuff...

So I've been working on a sketch for the Creation Engines challenge. The challenge for the next 2 weeks is to create a Space Cowboy! So Jan and I have gone to Barnes and Noble to sketch and think of ideas. We both came up with different sketches and solutions. Here's a picture of what I have so far.
I need to either go to Borders or search the web for more reference on spacecrafts to refine the structure and plate overlaps. I also want to put some cowboy art/designs on her boots and gloves, but done in a "futuristic" way. Inking and coloring is soon to come!

Vehicle was inspired by Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back vehicle thingamabobs, huge hairdryer from Spaceballs, and some Serenity spacecraft references.

Last week's challenge was to create an underwater creature. I tried to create something cute and stupid, heh. The top is a Sabertooth Pug and the bottom a Katamari Fish.

Andrew drawing at TGI Fridays for the wrap up dinner of Januel's Film "The Princess and the P."

That's about it! Until next time..

Finally some new stuff!

So Jan and I are back from Stockton now. Phew.. no internet connection since Friday night. So I finally got to scan a few new things in. I'll start with the watercolor sketches I did in Borders and at the park with the guys last week.

Sketch with a col-erase, watercolor, then sumi-brushed. Inspired by Jan and Paul A. Any comment or suggestions are appreciated! Thanks and Enjoy :).

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I'm waiting for Januel to finish his conversation on the phone about the complete roster of autobots and decepticons in the upcoming Transformers cinematic adaptation so we can continue watching Lost. So in the mean time as I purposely give him a mixture of puppy-dog eyes and aggitated gestures I'll upload a couple more old stuff.

This is a simple sketch of an image I had in my head last winter. I wanted to make a city in the sky. Something futuristic and such. Perhaps once I get better at drawing I'll do another version of this.

Prelimary sketch of a character design for my short 15second film "The Disappearing Spell" featuring the one and only Januel Mercado. Cute yes? Just like Jan... cheeeesy!! :)

Mermaid character named Viona. Needs much more development so she doesn't look like a generic mermaid.

Something a bit different. Drawn last semester when I was very sleep deprived and I think this sketch kind of showed how I felt at the time.

That's about folks! Now... back to Lost!! :D

Some old stuff

Hello all! Another beautiful and thankfully productive day today! Until I scan some of my new stuff in I guess I'll post a few old stuff.

This one was done last winter. A simpel greek-themed girl by the pool.

One of my favorite drawings. Done last winter as well. I named her Amnesia, don't really know why.. it fits for some reason.

This is just something different. Done with a sumi-brush last semester.

There's tons more, but I'll upload them slowly. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated! New sketches are soon to come! Stay tuned! :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

First Entry!

So I finally decided to make a blog. Stay tuned for more posts once I figure out how to work this thing! :)