Monday, July 23, 2007

A Glimpse into the PAST!

As some people may know I'm moving very very soon from my old place in Milpitas to an apartment close by campus in San Jose. While packing I discovered a lot of old drawings. A few stood out as I remembered them as favorites and I decided to post them up!

Done in 2005, I was very much into World of Warcraft which influenced me to draw this. I like the attention to detail (which was influenced by Hyung Tae Kim's artwork) that I forget nowadays.

Done in 2005. This drawing stood out because I didn't realize until I saw this drawing that my previous Boy From The Digital World was actually influenced by this original drawing I did a long time ago. Funny too, that this old drawing is much more carefully drawn than the one I did much later. I didn't even realize I was drawing an old character!

Date unknown, but I know this is around 2005 as well, because this was done much before I attended San Jose State University. I used to draw stuff more like this, as an expirement, and wanted to pursue it more as a different and unique style. I have a more drawings similar to this style, but found that this is the most successful one.

Well, that's it for now! More NEW drawings to come! Hehe :)

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