Sunday, May 30, 2010

New post!

Hey all!

Finally done with the semester a few days ago...Here is my final animatic for Art 118, Storyboarding class with Dave Yee. It is by all means not final at all...there's tons to do with first off friggin' moving the frames to a template so it's stable....LOL...Lot's to revise in terms of making it more entertaining...but yea over the summer I hope to touch up on it, and then my Post-Production friend Mark will make the animatic 10x better, hehehehe!

Voices by Mark Wanninger.

....Sooooooo stooooppiiiddd!!!! ROFL......

What else... Oh yea!

So I won't announce everything I make, but these are my very first items released in FarmVille, so they are very special to me:

Come get your bouncy animals while the Playground Theme is up in FarmVille! :)

And that's about it for now...lots of side projects happening but it'll take some time to get stuff together and post about it.

Stay tuned! :D

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Angela Lo said...

HAHA! Your animatic had me lol at parts. Good stuff!