Monday, April 19, 2010

"FairyVille" A personal project

So I've been working on a personal project called "FairyVille"...OBVIOUSLY highly influenced by Zynga!!! Woot woot! :D

So this fairy deal was actually something that's been in my head since...since I did the Hallmark workshop, which when was it? Hahaha! Well ok after I post this I'll look at my archives and pull out my original fairy painting. (EDIT: Ok I have too many archival posts...forget it!! LOL) Been developing it in my head and playing Zynga games just totally made it come together I guess ;).

Now my goal over the summer would be to vector and color all of these suckas! My friend Eric Neto, a programmer, may be interested in Flash programming, so it'll be ready for him to mess around with. I may have to make a User Interface thingy too then.

So in FairyVille you can choose your's essentially the profession part only from World of Warcraft hahaha!! You will go out and gather things to make and either sell or gift your friends.

You can custom your Fairy...

Choose his/her wings...

Different clothing and accessories...

And stuuufff!! You can tell that the artistic style is very curly and curvy! This will reflect on like pretty much everything in the FairyVille world! :)

More stuff!! Hahaha!

But yea...I'll post more as I draw them... they are usually doodles I do during class or when I'm bored :).

Stay tuned for moooorreee~!! :D

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Nikki Lukas said...

cute fairies, and nice accessories.