Friday, April 16, 2010

Characters for 118

So we're onto our final stories for 118!
My story briefly is the retelling of Orpheus' trip to the Underworld to bring back his dead girlfriend Eurydice. Only that Orpheus is a famous rock star with a lyre-guitar. He battles Hades and wins Eurydice back.

I will have to revise Hades, he's too similar and friends have suggested to make him much bigger and buffer, and use different shapes language. I was looking at Rob Zombie pictures, and he's definitely not very buff at all hahaha!

This was a back-up plan. The retelling of The Gift of the Magi with 2 homeless children. More "doll-like" so-to-speak I guess.

Anyways more to come soon! I'll see if I can color Orpheus and Hades if I have some spare time...supposed to be vectored and have flat, graphic colors with textures and what-not...

Stay tuned! :)

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Sean Patrick Richards said...

Hella cool! :D i love the story boards.