Sunday, November 30, 2008

Update! New Storyboards

Hello all! Yes, finally an update :P! Here is a new storyboard animatic that I did for my Storyboarding class. It's a story that I made, an adaptation of the story of Prometheus and how he gave the gift of fire to mortals. Oh, I mentioned it on a previous post huh. Here it is:

Thanks Jan for all your comments and critiques! You're the best! <3 And thanks to my little group in 118 for your comments and input as well!

Stay tuned for more stuff! Hopefully a revised animatic of my Boy Imagination story after a critique I got from Frank Gladstone on Transmission and critique I got from Tim Heitz. It's near the end of the semester so it's pretty hectic, so we'll see if I can get it done!

1 comment:

gem2niki said...

Cute story~! Poor Prometheus....
You don't have to animate this do you @A@;;??

There's barely 2 weeks left to do animation!!! Scary!! Good luck!