Sunday, April 6, 2008

Behold! The mechanical walk cycle:

I tried to put all the elements of a mechanical walk cycle in it: The keys of course; contact, squash, leaning forward, passing position. I tried to make the timing like a rolling egg according to Prof. Garcia. Then I delayed the arms a little bit because arms shouldn't be on the opposite side of the legs exactly at the right time. Head moves to the right as right leg comes forward and vice versa. The tilting of the hips and shoulders should be there too. I tried to put it all in there!! Yaaaarrgghh~ Can't wait to do a walk with more character now.

EDIT: Phew I was finally able to post the animation. Anyways the crit I got from Dave is that the head swings back too abruptly and the position of the leg joining to the body is inconsistent. There is a lot more mistakes than that but.. bah... that's what makes the walk cycle hard... I just can't get it all...

Oh and also, I revisited my Nefertiti character. Here's just a few rough sketches:

I'm going to develop the one on the top left one more. Fixing the proportions and drawing through with a critique I got from Jake.

Stay tuned for... umm... what's next... Hmm I dunno! Stay tuned for something! :D

PS. Just throwing it out there.. Does anyone want to get me The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Trilogy set for an early birthday present? Hehehehehe... just kidding... sort of :P.

EDIT: I just bought the LOTR Trilogy so never mind. I couldn't help it I must own it!!!

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