Thursday, November 15, 2007

Figure Drawings!

Phew, it's been very busy lately! Well, some tonal figure studies are due tomorrow, so this is what I put together.

I'm not really good at tone, but I guess everyone's gotta start somewhere and I gotta practice a lot more. I was really scared to do tone actually but I think I can loosen up a bit if I keep doing it.

Oh, and portfolio review results were back last Friday! I got into the program! Yaaaaayyy!! :)


gem2niki said...

Congrats on getting in the program Laura~~! Now I've got to work on mine over the winter break..

You got into Sheldon's class @A@;;??

Sid said...

Hey that's good news! I knew you would get in. Just wanted to say "hi" and well, have a good one today, tomorrow and so on.
See ya,
P.s. I miss life drawing.