Saturday, November 3, 2007

B&W Rendering

Hey guys! Been a while... so busy with the portfolio review and the black and white acrylic rendering... but it's all done!! B&W turned in last Wed and Portfolios turned in Thurs. The review happened on Friday.. hope everything turned out alright for everyone!!

Here's the Black and White acrylic rendering, left side is photo, right side is painting:

Changed a few things in terms of value to make the overall image better. Guess what the theme is! (Hint: it's from a cartoon) :)

Mmm.. so what's next? Stay tuned for sketches or color comps? Who knows! Yay! :D


gem2niki said...

Found your blogspot! Yay ;3

This is nancy btw. *adds you to stalk list*

Andrea Rhodes said...

looks really nice laura!