Saturday, August 18, 2007

Finally a new post! :)

It's been a few weeks since I last posted! Sorry folks! I guess I haven't been as busy sketching lately.. but I've been trying to sketch here and there! First off a character..

This is a Hogwarts version of me in the Ravenclaw house! Inspired by one of my most admirable friends Andrea Rhodes (visit her website at because she did a kickass one of herself (Dre that black version of it is sooooo coool!!!) I decided to do one of myself. It's not nearly as cool as Andrea's but I did a quick rough. There's a lot to fix like her legs and I wished I had more knowledge of drapery so my cloak wouldn't be soo... err... round? Haha. But I plan on fixing these errors in time and do a line version and color it! :)

This is just one of the poses from the previous figure drawing session last week. Unfortunately the rest is on newsprint and I don't have my camera with me at the moment. I'll post them up when I can!

Been trying to draw animals whenever I can.. Santana Row, any pet store like PetCo or PetSmart. Here is a collage of various dogs... (More animals to come cuz I'm going to the zoo on Monday! Yay!)

At PetSmart today, there was a cat adoption thing going on. I tried drawing the cats... but ended up playing with them most of the time :).

More to come! Stay tuned!!

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