Friday, August 3, 2007

Bill Presing

Chris Palmer showed Jan and I what books he got from Comic Con today. One of the books was by Bill Presing ( check him out at ), a book that I think Sophorn would highly enjoy. It was really good and inspired me to draw one of my own:

I asked Jan what theme should the girl be, and he said "animal!" and I asked what kind, and he said "giraffe." ...So here it is, Giraffe Girl... what a weird theme lol! It doesn't look too much like Bill Presing's now that I look at it more, just a quick imitation. I think I'll study it more, I feel like I can learn a ton from this artist! These kinds of drawings are fun, and maybe I'll try more of different artist's styles.

I've also been trying to upload my Walk Cycle on Photo Bucket, but it seems to be failing. Don't really know why. So I may not be able to show any other animations for now, as it cannot exceed 100MB. But my walk cycle is 70.3MB... hmm... o well!

Till next time!

1 comment:

Sophorn said...

Yes!!!!!!I like it a lot! and now Im gonna go kill myself.
I was googling my name and I found this blog. See ya around Laura. Ya know, you could easily model for Bill Presing, cuz you gots the curves and you gt it raw! ; )