Thursday, June 14, 2007


I'm waiting for Januel to finish his conversation on the phone about the complete roster of autobots and decepticons in the upcoming Transformers cinematic adaptation so we can continue watching Lost. So in the mean time as I purposely give him a mixture of puppy-dog eyes and aggitated gestures I'll upload a couple more old stuff.

This is a simple sketch of an image I had in my head last winter. I wanted to make a city in the sky. Something futuristic and such. Perhaps once I get better at drawing I'll do another version of this.

Prelimary sketch of a character design for my short 15second film "The Disappearing Spell" featuring the one and only Januel Mercado. Cute yes? Just like Jan... cheeeesy!! :)

Mermaid character named Viona. Needs much more development so she doesn't look like a generic mermaid.

Something a bit different. Drawn last semester when I was very sleep deprived and I think this sketch kind of showed how I felt at the time.

That's about folks! Now... back to Lost!! :D

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Nelson Hernandez said...

hey Laura nice environment sketch! did you get the invite to CE?