Monday, March 9, 2009

150 Thumbnails

150 thumbnails for Gary's Tree house is due tomorrow morning!

And I'm STILL not done with hw. I have to clean up 30 of these badboys and finish rendering my sign! Haha @_@!!Stay tuned!!! :D


Yu Ming Yu said...

hey, Laura , thanks for the comment!!
ya, the Animal Farm project turns out pretty good to me. I like those paintings a lot~!! :D

O~ I still remember this thumbnails assignment from 117. It's a ar... pretty ... hmm... haha... XD
anyway, I saw a lot of potential from your thumbnails!! good job here.

The Joyful Fool said...

how fun to make a tree house. i like the tree house in the second row fifth over from left to right the most with the tree design from the second row first on left... does that make sense? first and fifth in the second row of silhouettes. you're doing great!

Laura Lee said...

Haha thanks Yu Ming! Btw Congrats on the SOI cash award and summer class!

Lol thanks Nelson!