Thursday, February 26, 2009

WIP - Character Animation

Hello! Here's my first 3-D character animation I'm working on :). Right now I just keyed it out and put it on plateau. So I'm going to start dialing in and working better timing based on what I have so far (and fix the poses as I go). So here it is:

Any comments or feedback are welcome! Stay tuned for maybe a revised Sackanimation based on some feedback I got on ACME!


gem2niki said...

Woah, you're doing these now *A* Now I feel behind from everyone else.

The jump seem there's not enough of anticipation for it and momentum to actually jump that way. The hand on his knee would make it harder

Hope this help.

Laura Lee said...

Hey Nancy! OOooh it took me the longest time to figure out what that was.... is that a face? Hahahhaa!! I never seen one like that!

Cool thanks so much, I've been working on this and I'm still getting used to how I should approach changing the timing and stuff on Maya. You're right about the anticipation and momentum... I'll definitely look into that further.

Hope all is going well for you! Take care!! :)