Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Projects from last semester

Ah I'm finally getting my lazy butt to upload these here. This is what I ended up submitting for my 115 class. It's not quite my "vision", but I did my best with the given time!

Some shots were rushed and are almost like placeholders until one day I have the knowledge and skill to animate them. This film was quite the challenge I say!

If I had more time and had more animation knowledge, I would take it to a finished level according to this animatic:

But alas life moves on and I gotta focus on the future classes.. maybe one day I will revisit it! :)

Oh, also I don't think I've ever posted this one before. This is a glance to the past. Here's a short that I did 2 years ago, Winter of 2006 I believe. It's a film I submitted for the 15-Second Film Festival. Looking at it now it sure looks crumby, haha! Nonetheless I worked hard on it at the time so I'm still happy with it! :)

As for 118 I still need to put together the new/revised shots into Premeire. When I do I'll try to add it onto this post!


PT said...

Woah, Laura! your final animation is great! This is what you slaved over! I remember seeing you in the lab XP

It's really nicely done, and I Really like the story. Maybe you can tidy it up and put it for a more of a complete finish over the summer!

The Joyful Fool said...

you making's a goods animations twice laura lee!