Sunday, July 20, 2008

Something I made...

"Tasty Love"

This is a present I made for Januel for his trip to LA (to work at DreamWorks as a story artist!). It's a joke we have... I blow him kisses and he eats them.

Good luck and work hard Jan!! <3


PT said...

That's SOO cute Laura! It made me laugh and smile :)

PT said...

Hehe! sorry to spam you like this, but I couldn't see how to respond to your comment. I can't believe you can't guess who it is! ;P
It's me, Polly! ^_^ And yeah, I just opened the blog. lol.

PT said...

Well, that's good! :D
My summer is pretty good so far! been drawing a lot and taking a GE class at a community college, hanging out with friends, and just that good stuff. How about you?

I am adding you to the list thing on my blog, just so you know :P

Saul Ruiz said...

cute laura... i hope he ate plenty of your kisses before he started at DW!

Chris Palmer said...

ah! so funny. i love the expressions and colors.

really nice.