Friday, June 13, 2008

More Figure Drawings

Hey all! Jan and I went to figure drawing again. Here's just a few that I got out of the session:

Anyways... more sketches to come! Stay tuned! :)


Sid said...

Hi Laura, were these at Cogswell? They look good. I've been meaning to head up for some life drawing, but things just keep on getting in the way. I would have been cool to have drawn with yous two.

See ya,


Laura Lee said...

Hey Sophorn!

Yea they are from Cogswell. Thank you! Yea definitely we've been going on Weds pretty consistently so far, it'll be awesome if you joined! We'll probably go again next Wed. Figure drawings are going on at SJSU also on Mondays and Thursdays. Same time, same place!