Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nefertiti Revisited

Hey all! Whenever I get the chance I always try to go back to my personal project Nefertiti. Actually I just want to make a successful character design for her that eventually be feature quality. I guess you can say she's like the ongoing/guinea pig project. But here's what it looks like now:

Left two bigger drawings are what I'm leaning towards in developing her further. Right small drawings are more explorations.

I really like how she is evolving, if you look at how I approached her last year it was completely different. Anyways, I'll keep working on her when I can. Maybe some facial expressions and such. Stay tuned! :)

Also, any comments or critiques are appreciated. I would love to hear about how she could be better in terms of appeal, rhythms, shapes, contrast, etc. That goes the same with my animations. Thank you!

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Charlene Fleming said...

Hey Laura, it's really great to see you working on projects outside school assignments... in my experience, those are the experiences that really put your skill level over the top and keep you motivated. Your personal works are the ones that resonate with you most and it always shows.

This design has improved a lot since the last time I saw it. Are you planning on animating or modeling her? Or doing a book or comic? Keep up the great work!