Thursday, January 24, 2008

Finally some animation!

So Art 114 (Animation) started today. It was a really fun first day taking Prof. David Chai again it brought back Art 28 memories back; being reunited with my fellow 28 peers and friends combined is super cool.

So the first assignment is a walk cycle: no rules, whatever you want to do test. I came up with a Satyr skipping while playing the pan-pipes. I got a super-rough pass in so far.

There's lots to work on: He falls too slow and somethings really iffy with the feet when landing... hmm... Well once I get the motion in right I'll start adding more stuff... his ears, cape, pan-pipes etc.

Stay tuned for more animation updating! :)

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pkhenhen said...

awhh cool, i dunno what imma be doing yet ><